Introduction to ALGORITHMS

by T. Cormen, C. Leiserson, and R. Rivest

Book Cover

I have heard this book described as a fountain of information and I would agree. It seems that every time you look through it you come away with more insight into another way of thinking about a problem. When I took a class on computer algorithms using this book I tried to work through as many of the exercises as I could. Below I've included these in the form of scanned notes. In addition, I've tried to LaTeX some of these problem solutions into a solution manual, further explaining on the handwritten notes and working through all problems. I would like to emphasis that these are some notes on this book that I had time to write up. It is not related to any official solution manual that may exist.

Code For Various Problems:
    Chapter 1 (The Role of Algorithms in Computing):
    Chapter 2 (Getting Started):
    Chapter 31 (Number-Theoretic Algorithms):
    Appendix C (Counting and Probability):
As always, I would be interested in hearing back if any errors are found to exist.
John Weatherwax
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