Probability and Statistics: For Engineering and the Sciences

by Jay L. Devore

This is a very nice introduction to probability and statistics. The author does a great job of introducing both simple and complex concepts. Readers unfamiliar with this book can see what others have said here.

To learn this material as well as possible I worked through the book's exercises. In these notes you'll find complete solutions to the all the exercises in the book. You can find any computational exercises I did in the links below.

For a couple off years now I had been giving this material away for free to anyone who requested a copy. Recently I've decide to try to sell this material on Amazon. As such I converted the PDF format to a format I thought more people would find easier to read. You can preview and buy a kindle version of the book here.

Note: For a limited time I'm offering copies for $20.00 to anyone who would be interested in writing a review of this work on Amazon. Contact me if you are interested.

Code For Various Chapters:
As always, I am interested in hearing about any errors that might exist in this material.

John Weatherwax