Learning Perl

by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and Brian Foy

This book is another excellent O'Reilly computer book. Aimed at the newcomer to Perl, Learning Perl steps very smoothly through all concepts required to begin programming in Perl quickly. It is one of the best books around for learning Perl programming. The exercises are really aimed at proficiency in Perl syntax and understanding the default available functions and procedures. As such, some of the exercises could be considered trivial. They do however teach Perl syntax and available functions.. Below I've included the problems, thus far, I've had time to work.

Code For Various Problems:
    Chapter 1 (Introduction): Chapter 2 (Scalar Data): Chapter 3 (Lists and Arrays): Chapter 4 (Subroutines): Chapter 5 (Input and Output): Chapter 7 (In the World of Regular Expressions): Chapter 8 (Matching with Regular Expressions):
    • ex3_8.pl (regexp memory)
    • ex4_8.pl (print five characters at the end)
    • ex5_8.pl (print the lines with ending white space)
    Chapter 9 (Processing Text):

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