Code and Results for Chapter 11:

These are results and code for the problems and examples found in Chapter 11 of this famous book.

Various Figures and Problems:
  1. chap_11_mk_plots.m (makes the plots needed in explaining the summation transformation)
  2. chap_11_prob_1.m (the functions A(t) and D(t))
  3. chap_11_prob_4.m (library copy machines)
  4. chap_11_prob_6.m (some averages for the gas station queue)
  5. chap_11_prob_11.m (the motor vehicle licensing agency)
  6. chap_11_prob_13.m (one space at station B)
  7. chap_11_prob_14.m (the waiting time of J. Doe)
  8. chap_11_prob_16.m (evaluating statistics for the M/M/2 queue)
  9. chap_11_prob_18.m (more library copy machines)
  10. chap_11_prob_21.m (the cost of operating a dock)
  11. chap_11_prob_22.m (Erlang's loss function)
  12. chap_11_prob_23.m (Erlang's loss system)
  13. chap_11_prob_24.m (a large number of servers s)
  14. chap_11_prob_26.m (simulation of the enlarged car-wash-facility)
  15. chap_11_prob_27.m (simulating dock usages)
  16. L_MM1_queue.m (The average number of customers in steady-state in a M/M/1 queue with capacity N)
  17. W_MM1_queue.m (The average total waiting time in steady-state in a M/M/1 queue with capacity N)

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