Code and Results for Chapter 8:

These are results and code for the problems and examples found in Chapter 8 of this famous book.

Various Figures and Problems:
  1. chap_8_prob_3.m (comparing the Poisson approximation to the binomial)
  2. chap_8_prob_10.m (the calculations for this problem)
  3. chap_8_prob_13.m (code to simulate a single server queuing system)
  4. chap_8_prob_13_Script.m (code to drive the single server queuing system)
  5. chap_8_prob_14.m (code to simulate a M/M/1 queuing system)
  6. chap_8_prob_14_Script.m (code to drive the simulation of a M/M/1 queuing system)

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