Numerical Methods Using MATLAB

by G. Lindfield and J. Penny

This book is a very nice introduction to numerical analysis using the very popular software MATLAB. One of the great aspects of the book is that in addition to the standard and necessary topics in an introductory numerical analysis textbook this book presents and explains some more "advanced" topics that are not often seen in a text of this type. Topics such as optimization using genetic algorithms and modeling the frequency components of a signal using the FFT are covered with very accessible introductions. Readers can see what others have said about this book on amazon.

To make sure I understood this material as well as possible, as I read the book, I worked all the problems at the end of each chapter. The one exception to this statement is that the problems in chapter 1 (an introduction to MATLAB) have not been worked.

Linked from this page are the titles of the MATLAB scripts I wrote for each chapter. In addition to the MATLAB scripts, I wrote up solutions to these exercises and put them in a book (pdf) form. The solutions show examples of how to call the MATLAB scripts, the expected outputs, and discussions of the problems where appropriate. You can buy this solution manual here.

Note: the problems in this book ask the student to write code that uses the book's MATLAB codes. I found these codes online.

Names of the Code for the MATLAB Exercises:
As always, I am interested in hearing about any errors that might exist in this material.

John Weatherwax
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