Learning Python

by Mark Lutz & David Ascher

This book is another excellent O'Reilly computer book. Aimed at the newcomer to Python, Learning Python steps very smoothly through all concepts required to begin programming in Python quickly. It is one of the best books around for learning Python programming. The exercises are really aimed at proficiency in Python syntax and understanding the default available classes/objects such as tuples, dictionaries, lists, etc. rather than developing extensive programs. As such, some of the exercises are rather trivial. They do however teach Python syntax and available class methods on the standard python objects. Below I've included the problems, thus far, I've had time to work.
Note that some of the code (below) is structured to execute as a stand alone script while others are designed to be executed as a module. This means to run the modules from the shell type "python module.py" at the prompt.

Code For Various Problems:
    Part I (Getting Started): Part II (Types and Operations): Part III (Statements and Syntax): Part IV (Functions): Part V (Modules):
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    Part VI (Classes and OOP):
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    Part VII (Exeptions and Tools):

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