Code and Results for Chapter 10:

These are results and code for the problems and examples found in Chapter 10 of this famous book.

Various Figures and Problems:
  1. prob_10_1.m (a spatically dependent variance)
  2. prob_10_2.m (non spatically dependent variance)
  3. prob_10_3.m (the statistics of the residuals)
  4. prob_10_4.m (loess smoothing of the residuals)
  5. prob_10_5.m (fitting polynomial models)
  6. prob_10_6.m (using polytool)
  7. prob_10_7.m (loess with various value of alpha)
  8. prob_10_8.m (the Priestley-Chao estimator)
  9. prob_10_9.m (experiments with various value of h)
  10. prob_10_10.m (loess on the human data)
  11. prob_10_11.m (loess on the anaerob data)
  12. prob_10_12.m (a regression tree on the brownlee data)
  13. prob_10_13.m (a regression tree on the abrasion data)
  14. prob_10_14.m (loess on the helmet data)
  15. prob_10_15.m (kernel regression on the helmets data)
  16. prob_10_16.m (a regression tree on the boston data)

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