This is the first release of some code I have written for solving ordinary differential equations with Octave. It currently is a C++/octave API wrapper that calls the Fehlberg 4th-5th order Runge-Kutta Method described in

Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations
by George E. Forsythe, Michael A. Malcolm, and Cleve B. Moler.
on pages 129--147

Please reference this software in any publications that result from its use. A sample bibtex entry is below

author = "J L. Weatherwax",
title = "Software for solving ODEs with Octave",
text = "RKF45G: An Octave Gateway Routine to RKF45.",
year = "2005",
url = "http://web.mit.edu/wax/www/Software/rkf45.html"

Please send any comments to the address below.

RKF45 Versions Follow:

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