Difference Equations: An Introduction with Applications

by Walter G. Kelley and Allan C. Peterson.

I have a special fondness for difference equations since they are so much like differential equations but discrete. For some reason they seemed closer to the simple arithmetic one learns in high school but with the complexity that differential equations have. This was my first formal introduction to difference equations and I believe this book is a very good place to begin. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about difference equations.

Here are the scanned problems

Download Book Notes (Part 1 of 1).

Recently at work I have had to solve a verity of difference equations. Going back to work some of the problems in this book was a good way to keep my skills fresh. I LaTeX the few that I had time to do.

Download LaTeXed Problems.

As always I would be interested in hearing back if any errors are found to exist.
John Weatherwax
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