Parallel Programming with MPI

by Peter Pacheco.

Book Cover

This book is one of the best written on parallel programming in MPI I have come across. I would recommend it highly to anyone who would like to further develop their skills in this area. Currently this page contains solutions to the problems from the first few chapters in PPMPI.

Most of the exercises from the book are programming assignments and you will find those linked below. A few, however, are of the pen and paper kind. In the linked PDF file are a few that I had time to write up. Please check back often as I intend to put more up as I have time.


A few people have written with questions/clarifications about the solutions posted here. With every comment I try to improve what I have presented here. I really appreciate any feedback I receive. If anything is unclear or could be improved I would love to hear about it since I would like these solutions to be as helpful and informative to as large an audience as possible.

Code For Various Problems:
    Chapter 1 - Introduction: Chapter 2 - An Overview of Parallel Computing:
    • There were no programming exercises for Chapter 2
    Chapter 3 - Greetings!:
    • Makefile: to build everything
    • prob_3.6.1.c: the "greetings" program
    • prob_3.6.2.c: the "greetings" program with wild cards in both source and tag fields
    • prob_3.6.3.c: experiments with common MPI_Send and MPI_Recv errors
    • prob_3.6.4.c: printing from process p-1
    • prob_3.7.1.c: a cyclic chain of messages (process i sends to process (i+1) mod p)
    Chapter 4 - An Application: Numerical Integration: Chapter 5 - Collective Communication: Chapter 6 - Grouping Data for Communication: Chapter 7 - Communicators and Topologies: Chapter 8 - Dealing with I/O:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 9 - Debugging Your Program:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 10 - Design and Coding of Parallel Programs: Chapter 11 - Performance:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 12 - Advanced Point-to-Point Communication:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 13 - Advanced Point-to-Point Communication:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 14 - Parallel Algorithms:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 15 - Parallel Libraries:
    • Coming soon!!!
    Chapter 16 - Wrapping Up:
    • There were no programming exercises for Chapter 16

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