Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB

by Alexander Poularikas and Zayed Ramadan.

Book Cover

This is the book I choose to begin my study of adaptive filtering theory. The books use of MATLAB helps to understand the implementation detail and to observe the techniques in practice. Some of the examples presented in the book did not have programs to "drive" the core routines and so to improve my understanding I developed them while working through the book. Please write me with any questions you might have and I hope you find these notes helpful. If you do I would love to hear from you.
Readers unfamiliar with this book can see what others have said (and buy it if interested) from Amazon.

Matlab Code For Various Problems and Examples:
    Chapter 2 (Discrete-time signal processing)
    Chapter 4 (Wiener filters)
    Chapter 6 (The Newton and steepest-decent method)
    Chapter 7 (The Least Mean-Square (LMS) algorithm)

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