by David S. Watkins.

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On this page you will find links to various problems from Dr. Watkins excellent book. This book is a very nice introduction to numerical linear algebra. It is quite enjoyable to read and has a very nice set of problems to work. I have begun to LaTeX solutions to the problems from the second edition and what I have been able to do are presented below. Note currently due to time restrictions I have not been able to LaTeX all that I would have like. As I get more time I will be continually adding solutions. This is a work in progress. While of lesser value, I have also included my scanned solutions to many of the problems from the first edition.

Miscellaneous Matlab Code:
    Chapter 1 (Gaussian Elimination and Its Variants):
Matlab Code For Various Problems In the SECOND EDITION:
    Chapter 1 (Gaussian Elimination and Its Variants):

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