Partial Differential Equation (PDE) Software For Octave

Currently there are only a few packages here. I am planning on working and developing more as I have time. Please email if you know of some specific package you would like to see. In addition, please email me if you know of another package that I have not included. I'm always interested in learning about other codes (see the bottom for a list of code I have not been able to find).

These packages are listed chronologically i.e. when they were first described in the literature. In addition, there have been published FORTRAN packages for solving partial differential equations that I have been unable to find. I would be interested in trying to convert these packages into core computational routines that octave could call if I could find out more information about them. Specifically I would love any information (especially source code if it exists anywhere) on the following programs/packages. Also, please bring to my attention any packages I may have over looked.
John Weatherwax
Last modified: Tue Sep 26 20:19:38 EDT 2006