Hyperbolic Systems

The Characteristic Tracking Method: A Method for Integrating Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations that Accurately Resolves both C0 and C1 Discontinuities
J. L. Weatherwax, D. D. Vaynblat, O. P. Bruno, and R. R. Rosales
Submitted to the Journal of Computational Physics (March 2006).


On a viscous critical-stress model of martensitic phase transitions
J. L. Weatherwax and D. D. Vaynblat and O. P. Bruno and R. R. Rosales,
19 September 2007, in Journal of Applied Physics (Vol.102, No.6).


Modifications to the Characteristic Tracking Method to Account for Phase Transformations
J. L. Weatherwax and D. D. Vaynblat and O. P. Bruno and R. R. Rosales,
in preparation.


Mathematical Modeling of Shock Induced Martensitic Phase Transitions
Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology~(2001)


Inverse Problems

Identification and Characterization of a Mobile Source in a General Parabolic Differential Equation with Constant Coefficients
Steven J. Kusiak and John L. Weatherwax,
Submitted for publication in SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics (July 2007)


High Resolution Limited Aperture Imaging with Multiple Sparse Band Data
Steven J. Kusiak and John L. Weatherwax,
M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1117, 29 Jan 2007


A Guide to the Implementation of the 3d Acoustic Scattering Algorithm of Ganesh and Graham (In progress!!!)
John L. Weatherwax


Machine Learning/Classification

A Comparisons of Feature Transformations For Classification
J. L. Weatherwax, Class project for MIT 6.867 Machine Learning (Fall 2005)


Feature Extraction For Classification: Class Independent Statistics vs. Class Specific Statistics
J. L. Weatherwax and V. Hafer, in preparation


An Attempted Replication of the Results from:
Inducing Stock Screening Rule for Portfolio Construction
J. L. Weatherwax


Nonlinear Tracking

A Split-Step Solution of the Fokker-Plank Equation for the Conditional Density
H. C. Lambert, F. E. Daum, and J. L. Weatherwax,
Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, October 29-November 1 2006.


Radar Related Research

Discrimination Fusion Across Stages of Threat Engagement
J. Weatherwax, J. Williamson, D. Rudoy,
AIAA Missile Defense Conference, April 2005.


Object Feature Classification within Forward Based Radars
J. L. Weatherwax and V. Hafer,
CMCM-1 Data Analysis Workshop, 7-9 March 2006.


A Comparison of Two FBR Discrimination Logics
J. Weatherwax, D. Wolinski
Missile Defense Sensors, Environments and Algorithms (MD-SEA),
26-28 October 2004, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California
Paper in Conference Proceedings


An "On The Fly" Method for Discriminating Target and Clutter Detections in Synthetic Aperture RADAR Images
J. L. Weatherwax, in preparation.


An Improved Method for Detection of Stationary Targets in High Clutter SAR Images
J. L. Weatherwax, in preparation.


An Approximation Algorithm for Computing the Mean Square Error Between Two High Range Resolution RADAR Profiles
J. L. Weatherwax, in preparation.


Ground Moving Targets: Move-Stop-Move Mitigation with Feature-Aided Tracking
D. H. Nguyen, J. H. Kay, B. J. Orchard, J. L. Weatherwax, and R. H. Whiting,
Proceedings of the ATR Science and Technology Conference, October 2002.


Other Publications

Liquid Water On Mars
R. Levin, J. L. Weatherwax, and G. Levin,
Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology, SPIE Proceedings, August 2003.


Specular and Diffuse Reflectivity from Thin Films Containing Misfit Dislocations
P.F. Miceli, J. L. Weatherwax, T. Krentsel and C.J. Palmstrom,
Physica B vol. 221, pp. 230-234 (1996).



A Fast Method for Computing Local Image Statistics with Rectangular Stencils
J. L. Weatherwax, in preparation.


Using Linux to Create a Audio CD Library
J. L. Weatherwax,
Linux Gazette, September 2005 Issue 118.


Classic Shell Scripting (Book Review)
J. L. Weatherwax,
Linux Gazette, Novemeber 2006 Issue 132.